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When Do I need a building permit?

A building permit is required for most building work, but also adds benefits.

- New construction.
- When attaching to any exsiting building.
- Structural alteration and repairs.
- Additions to exsisting structures.
- Alteration that change the use, size or height of a building.
Or just ask one of our team.

- Company is a registered building practitioners.
- Has the correct insurance.
- Correct documentation.
- Key stages of work inspected.
- Compliance report.
- A building permit adds value to your home.
- Neighbours requirement.
- Council requirement.

More information on building permits (PDF, 196.2kb).

Building Practitioners

Some people refer to these as 'building contractors', but under Victorian law they are all building practitioners.

A building practitioner must be registered to legally carry out domestic building work costing more than $5,000 (including labour costs and materials). By choosing a registered building practitioner, you can be confident that your project will be completed by someone with the necessary expertise, and, if applicable, domestic building insurance.

Whether it’s a family home or a skyscraper, the success of any building project depends on the individual contributions of a skilled team of registered building practitioners.

Domestic Builders Insurance

Domestic building insurance is provided by a builder when the cost of building work is more than $16,000 (including labour and material costs). A claim against the builders Warranty Insurance can only be made should there be any defective or incomplete, and the builder die, disappears or becomes insolvent.

Under the Building Act 1993, most people who carry out or undertake work in building must be registered as building practitioners with the Building Practitioners Board and are required to carry the appropriate insurance. Building practitioners are required to show proof of insurance when registering.

Cover Policy

- For two years from completion of the domestic building work or termination of the domestic building contract for non-structural defects.
- For six years from completion of the domestic building work or termination of the domestic building contract for structural defects.

More info on Domenstic Building Insurance (VBA Website).

What should be in the Contracts?

Practitioners and consumers are required to have a formal written contract which meets the requirements of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995.

The contract is a binding document between you and your practitioner and includes a variety of information, including a start and completion date, details about progress payments and specifications for your new home.

More info on Contracts (VBA Website)

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