Review - Stratco Outback Sunroof Bellavista Drive Avondale Heights 3034

Check out John and Anne's Stratco Outback Sunroof review, feedback and testimonial from Avondale Heights for Innovative Verandahs

Address: Bellavista Drive Avondale Heights, Melbourne, Victoria 3034
Review: 10 out of 10

1. How did you hear about Innovative Verandahs?
We were recommended Innovative Verandahs by two neighbours

2. How did you find the first consultation?
We found the first consultation excellent

3. What made you choose Innovative Verandahs?
We chose Innovative Verandahs because they were very professional and provided good information

4.How did you find the permit process? Were you kept informed?
We found the permit process very easy and were kept fully informed

5. How did you find the Innovative Verandah team?
The team were all excellent

6. Was your premises looked after by our team?
Our premises were looked after by your team and left everything in good order

7. Were you happy with the finished result? Did it meet all your expectations?
We were very happy with the finished result and it met all our expectations

8. Did you receive all your permit information and final certificates? Did you receive your warranty card?
We have received a warranty card which has been completed and returned to Stratco.  We understand you will provide us with an electrical certificate and an electrical diagram for Rivervue’s records.

9. What is the best thing you like about your verandah?
The best thing we like about the Verandah is being able to use the courtyard in all weather conditions.

10. How would you rate the Stratco material?
So far we would rate the Stratco material as excellent

11. How would you rate your experience with Innovative Verandahs out of 10?
Our experience with Innovative Verandahs has been 10/10

12. How likely are you to recommend Innovate Verandahs out of 10?
We are happy to recommend your company to any of our friends and neighbours as we are confident they will receive an excellent job

Stratco service installed by Innovative Verandahs:

Stratco Outback sunroof installation

  • Stratco Outback sunroof - Avondale Heights 3034
  • Stratco Outback sunroof - Avondale Heights 3034
  • Stratco Outback sunroof - Avondale Heights 3034
  • Stratco Outback sunroof - Avondale Heights 3034
  • Stratco Outback sunroof - Avondale Heights 3034

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