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Address: Rippleside Terrace Tarneit, Melbourne Victoria 3029
Review: 10 out of 10

1. How did you hear about Innovative Verandahs?
Through the Internet via Hipages

2. How did you find the first consultation?
The first consultation went really well. I met up with Shane and we spoke about what I intend to do in terms of erecting a pergola. He listened and then provided me with some suggestions as well as answered all my queries. I felt comfortable with him as he was knowledgeable and considered some options which would better suit our needs. He wasn’t pushy by forcing a sale but gave me time to think and get back to him.

3. What made you choose Innovative Verandahs?
Having previously dealt with another company and having our plans knocked back and our deposit forfeited, Shane gave me the assurance that he would get all the necessary permits organized and in the event that the permits fell through, he would refund us our deposit. This assurance made me go with Innovative Verandahs.

4.How did you find the permit process? Were you kept informed?
The permit process was rather lengthy, however, I knew that this was beyond the control of Innovative Verandahs. Shane kept in regular contact with me via e-mails and telephone calls to keep me posted on any updates he received from the council.

5. How did you find the Innovative Verandah team?
The team from Innovative Verandahs were friendly, especially the 2 guys James and Josh who carried the work were punctual, efficient and carried out their tasks in a diligent manner. I can say the same for the out sourced electrician Ronnie as well.

6. Was your premises looked after by our team?
Yes they were. The guys cleaned up each day after their work. They took extra care whilst moving materials in and out of our home.

7. Were you happy with the finished result? Did it meet all your expectations?
Yes. Both my wife and I were extremely pleased with the end product. It did not meet our expectations. It exceeded our expectations.

8. Did you receive all your permit information and final certificates? Did you receive your warranty card?
Yes we did. Shane called in one day and handed in a folder which contained all the permits, plans and documents. We also received the warranty card after the job was done.

9. What is the best thing you like about your verandah?
The attention to detail and the workmanship.

10. How would you rate the Stratco material?
A very good and durable product.

11. How would you rate your experience with Innovative Verandahs out of 10?
A 10 out of 10

12. How likely are you to recommend Innovate Verandahs out of 10?
Very certain about that. Another 10 out of 10.

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